Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? : Tested in 2021

Can NordVPN unblock popular streaming services including Netflix? Being one of the premium VPN Service providers in the market. Today we’ll find What NordVPN can do for Netflix Streamers.

NordVPN Working with Netflix?

Netflix offer’s only regional content for its subscribers. So, if you are in the US you will get access to watch US Netflix Library only. But, it’ll be irritating to watch a show or movie you like that’s not available in your country.

Quick Guide to Access Netflix with NordVPN

NordVPN is a brilliant Netflix unblocker, unblocking almost all the Netflix libraries to entertain you at any cost. With its new NordLynx Protocol to stream at double speed, no compromisation on encryption & security. Also, they are offering 30 days money-back guarantee program valuing your money.

Netflix Blocking VPNs?

You might have already come across that a VPN can help you in accessing geo-blocked other Netflix Libraries. So, to keep their business healthy, they started digging the users who are trying to access Netflix with VPN and block their access.

So, unblocking Netflix has been a harder task for VPNs in the market as days getting passed. Many VPN providers give up on unblocking Netflix as it’s more costly for them. Still, top VPN Providers manage to unblock most of the Netflix Libraries.

Today, we will analyze NordVPN, if it can unblock all libraries, or will it give up? Let’s get started…

Who’s this NordVPN?

Well, NordVPN is a VPN Provider in the market for decades built based in Panama and one of the best Netflix VPN in 2021. Choosing NordVPN gives access to its 5500 Servers with hundreds of servers in the UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, France, and Italy to unblock Netflix.

There are people who complain about their VPN not working with Netflix, but not NordVPN. So, you can understand the truth that NordVPN can surpass all the Netflix securities and get you to access easily.

Here are the Netflix Country libraries that NordVPN can unblock for you:

Netflix Country LibaryNetflix Country Libary
Netflix USNetflix Japan
Netflix UKNetflix Australia
Netflix CanadaNetflix Netherlands
Netflix GermanyNetflix Spain
Netflix FranceNetflix India
Netflix ItalyNetflix Brazil
Netflix South-KoreaNetflix Poland
Netflix FinlandNetflix Turkey
Netflix Country Libraries unblocked by NordVPN

Additional Streaming Benefit

Additionally, NordVPN is offering a special feature for streaming called “Smart-DNS” to set up unrestricted access to stream your favorite Netflix content on Smart TV. This comes as standard for Apple TV.

Thankful to NordVPN for making this so easy while Netflix is tunneling some way to block VPNs. Also, it’s not a good idea to say this publically because if Netflix saw this post they can block this VPN too, Just a joke!

Steps to unblock Other Netflix Libraries

Surprisingly, NordVPN Shines at unblocking most of the Netflix libraries. It will take not more than 10 seconds to unblock other Netflix libraries, follow these steps…

  1. Download & Install NordVPN on your device where you want to stream Netflix.
  2. Choose a Server from the List of Netflix Servere you want to unblock (e.g UK).
  3. Now Open your Netflix App or refresh Netflix page on your browser.
  4. See, it’s that simple to unblock Netflix with NordVPN.

🎉Enjoy all the content you want from different Netflix Libraries.

Choosing NordVPN for Netflix Is a Good Idea?

When a thought comes to your mind about whether should I go with NordVPN or Not? Here I am going to take this discussion further in detail so you can conclude to go with it or not.

With NordVPN you can access the internet in the way you want. Their “Smart Detection Algorithm” will automatically connect to the fastest Netflix server based on your requirements as it’s offering a wide range of optimized servers.

NordVPN also offers Dedicated IP Servers with a Double VPN feature, Onion Over Server, P2P Servers, and Normal Standard Servers.

Though VPNs will slower your internet speeds, NordVPN will only drop 4% to encrypt the user data for security, but yet manages to deliver streaming in high quality up to 4K without any interruptions.

NordVPN Overview

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ Servers over 62+ Countries
  • Reliable Streaming Speeds without interruptions in HD Quality
  • Toughest Military-grade encryption with double VPN for better privacy
  • Torrenting support with additional features of unblocking Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and others
  • Supports 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPNs NordLynx Protocol

NordLynx is the default VPN Protocol for all platforms offering double streaming speeds than any other regular VPN protocol. This is an extension to the Wiregurad protocol available in most VPN protocols. Check your Internet Speeds once after connecting.

Zero Log Policy

Yet most of the other VPN Service Providers fail to provide complete anonymity to their users. But NordVPN is very serious about its zero log policy and created its own “Double NAT” system to establish a connection without storing any information.

Multiple Servers

NordVPN has more than 5500+ Servers in 62+ countries covering major Streaming Services countries with Multiple Servers. So if anyone of the server didn’t work for you, then you try another server in the same region.

The vast server network making NordVPN Netflix king to seamlessly access all country Netflix libraries.

Server Speeds

NordVPN Server Speeds are quite impressing the streamers even with the distant servers. Even, I didn’t notice any speed drop on my personal use either for browsing or streaming or torrenting.

CountryAverage Speed
USA (New York)76Mbps
USA ( Los Angels) 71Mbps
USA (Dallas)80Mbps
Sample Netflix Server Speeds

Encryption & Security

NordVPN follows military-grade encryption going beyond the security needs of a daily user. All your data will be encrypted and routed through VPN Servers. So it’s completely impossible for your ISP or Government to track your trace.

Here are the encryption standards used by NordVPN

  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • SHA384 authentication
  • 3072 DHE-RSA Key Exchange
  • Forward Secracy

NordVPN Prices

NordVPN Pricing

🔥NordVPN is back again with Summer Deals and a favorite for budget lovers. With its 2 years plan to make $3.67/month. They are also basic plans available if you are looking to use this VPN for the short term.

To grab NordVPN for one year you will get it for $4.92 per month and almost $11.95 if you are interested in taking this for one month.

NordVPN Not Working With Netflix?

NordVPN is one among the few VPNs that are working with Netflix. But the streaming services are still finding a route to block VPN Users. If you encounter the error prompting “Oops, Something went wrong…Streaming Error” Here are some quick fixes for that.

Try Different Server

🤧Netflix will identify IP Addresses, So when you are connected to VPN Server that will assign your IP Address will be blacklisted by Netflix. So, with NordVPN maintaining multiple servers within the same region it’s too difficult for Netflix to ban the entire Network.

So, try switching to different servers located in the same region, Check out NordVPN Servers.

Refresh App or Page

One of the blind mistakes that users do is, they will open Netflix and then connect to VPN. This is wrong, you need to connect to VPN first then open Netflix App or refresh the app (Clearing from the background if open) and try. 😁this will work.

Change DNS Server

This is another useful tip to make your VPN work again with Netflix. Follow the simple steps.

  1. Close your Netflix App on Mobile phone
  2. Restart NordVPN on your device
  3. Configure DNS to and
  4. Restart your device and start Streaming Netflix

Contact Customer Care

If you tried everything but😢 didn’t work then contact NordVPN customer care. They are the best VPN Services regarding support (24/7 live chat).


🥳No Doubt that NordVPN is an Ace VPN Service Provider in the market offering a wide range of Servers to unblock 15 Netflix libraries. Even if one server gets blocked, there are multiple servers available nearby. So, there will be🙌 no question of “Unable to Access“.

They are also offering a 30-days money-back guarantee program to try their service without any hesitations.

FAQs Related to NordVPN with Netflix

Can I unblock UK Netflix from the US?

Yes, you can easily as NordVPN can block the UK Netflix library with ease and the procedure is shown above as well. It’s just that simple to do.

What about Free VPNs to unblock Netflix?

Well, Netflix blocked most of the free VPNs and the list is still growing big with new names. As Free VPNs will store user data & sell them for profits I don’t recommend using free VPNs.

Can I unblock All Netflix Libraries with NordVPN?

Yes, you can unblock all above mentioned Netflix Libraries with NordVPN. Thanks to multiple VPN Server (backup). They will help you in unblocking, some of the libraries are mentioned above.

NordVPN Not Working With Netflix?

You should connect to the VPN first and then open the Netflix app or refresh your Netflix web page. If you did already open then clear your Netflix app from the background.

Is it safe & legal to use NordVPN for Netflix?

Using VPN is not a criminal act or offense at all. Being a premium VPN will keep you completely safe throughout the usage. But, streaming services like Netflix will object to the usage of VPN or Proxy due to the content laws. Yes, it’s completely legal to use NordVPN in order to protect your personal information.

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