What is a VPN: Why You Need One, How it Works & Much More

Tired listening to the word VPN around the internet showing “Secure yourself with a VPN“. If you don’t know what that means and really curious to know what actually it is. This guide is for you.

It’s true that everyone is spying on you (your ISP, Government, attackers). You should readily defend yourself & secure your personal information from intruders. This is where a VPN shines, ok let’s dive in without wasting time…

Quick Guide on what is VPN

Virtual Private Network in short VPN is an all-in-one solution tool that encrypts your connection over the internet preventing intruders or ISP or government spying. This connection ensures your data is securely transmitted and helps in unblocking streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

ExpressVPN is the 🤠ultimate VPN with a zero-log policy serving its user with great speeds. Also, they are offering a 30-days money-back guarantee program.

What’s a VPN and How does It Help Me?

VPN abbreviate “Virtual Private Network“- a tool that helps in protecting your personal information when you connect to public Wi-Fi or any network. More likely your data will be tunneled after encryption for safe transmission. So, your IP will be changed blessing you the ability to unblock streaming services as well.

So, What’s in for you using VPN?. 👌Brilliant Question!, here’s what you will get:

  • Bypass any webiste or streaming service geoblocks.
  • Enjoy your favorite content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Apple TV etc.
  • Protect your data from any ISP or government tracking and stay anonymous online
  • Break the barries of your ISP throttling and enjoy unlimited data.
  • Torrent to get lot of 😎cool stuff for free.

VPNs will be used for bypassing geo-blocks imposed on streaming services in different countries and for torrenting

How do VPN Work?

How a VPN Works
Working of VPN

It’s very easy once you have a VPN installed on your device. It will take care of the rest- you just need to log in & connect. But if you want to know the functionality behind the scene, here is it.

When you connect to a server in a VPN, it will hide your IP Address let the network be redirected through the connected server (the server you connected). Then the server will encrypt all your data for secure transmission.

Once the encryption is completed it will be routed through a tunnel for transmission. This will ensure that each data piece stays private & secure. In return when the data arrives at the server, it will reverse engineering everything till the data reach you.

This helps in spoofing your location to access geo-blocked content a lot.

Can VPN Unblock Streaming Services

VPN unblocking streaming services
VPN unblocking streaming services

Decent VPNs can unblock all streaming services to entertain you with worldwide content that it can unblock. Here are some standard streaming services that can be unblocked by a VPN. While the best part is you can enjoy simultaneous streaming with a VPN.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO Max

You can know the best VPNs that work with Netflix in 2021 in detail. Also, you can access Voot from anywhere in the world.

Role of VPN Maintaining My Online Privacy

VPN role in online privacy
VPNs role in Online Privacy

VPN plays a crucial role in maintaining your online privacy with standard encryption protocols like AES 256 bit. How this VPN 🤔privacy helps you in the real world?.

  • Avoid History Tracking: When you surf internet, your ISP or government will track all your online activities. Even websites will log your data & sell it later to earn profits. All this is possible by tracking your IP Address.
  • Location: Since a VPN will assign your IP Address i.e your location will be changed in according with the server that you connected to. This will help you in unblocking geographic restrictions for streaming or websites.
  • Avoid All Internet Activities tracking: VPNs have zero-log policy ensuring your data won’t be logged. Also, they got you covered from third party attackers or anyone tracking your data including your ISP.

Are there different Types of VPN?

Do you have this question in your mind😅? Then clear this mess out. There are mainly two different categories in VPN. VPN allows you to connect to a private network over the internet securely.

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPNs allow you to connect to a remote network. Most VPNs will fall into this category. If you need to log on to your office network or access any website which is available in the specific country or streaming services, a Remote Access VPN will be useful.

Site to Site VPN

These will also know as Router-to-Router VPN, used for business purposes mostly. Helps users in one office network connected to another office securely. When multiple offices in a company use this technique it is called Intranet VPN. If two or more companies use site to site then it is called Extranet VPN

Note: As this process involves router communication, they need to be authenticated first.

Protocols in a VPN

The above two VPNs will use different security protocols. Each of these VPN protocols offers different features explained below.


This is an open-source protocol useful in creating Point-to-Point & Site-to-Site connections. It involves custom VPN protocols they are SSL and TLS.


IPSec stands for Internet Protocol Security is used for secure internet communication across IP networks. This will ensure that each data packet is encrypted during the entire session.

IPSec operated in two different modes, Transport, and Tunneling Mode to protect your data transmission over two different networks.

L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)

L2TP is a tunneling protocol combined with another VPN security protocol like IPSec to create a highly secure VPN Connection. This protocol creates a tunnel between two L2TP connection points and encrypts your data.


PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) will create an encrypted tunnel that encapsulates data packets. This is the most widely used VPN protocol used in most devices. Apart from PPTP, this is also supported in Mac and Linux.

SSH (Secure Shell)

Secure Shell Protocol creates a VPN tunnel to transfer data securely ensures your data is encrypted with the help of SSH connections. Data is transferred from the local port on the remote server through the tunnel.


Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security create a connection where the browser acts as a client and the user will be restricted to access a specific website instead of the entire network. These protocols are widely used with ease.

Things to know before Owning a VPN

Everyone expects some feature while owning a VPN, all the below-mentioned features are required to be checked in a VPN description.

  1. Zero-log Policy: Make sure that your VPN Provider’s Privacy policy mentions as zero-log. Depicting that they are not logging any of the users data.
  2. Standard Protocols: They should have all the standard VPN protocols listed above to serve user appropriately maintaining anonimity and privacy.
  3. No Throttling: VPN is a tool of freedom, so in any case they should not limit your bandwidth or throttle your sppeds.
  4. Kill Switch: This is the most required feature for the users, helps in protecting your identity even if the VPN Connection drops.
  5. Server’s: Ample number of server is mandatory to access the geo-restricted content. Make sure that your VPN has the server in the country in which you want to access the content.
  6. Privacy: They should protect your Public Wi-Fis, ISP Networks, Government tracking and all other forms with additional features like Tor Over VPN, Double VPN, Split Tunneling etc.
  7. Price: Though price is the most deciding factor to choose a VPN. Consider this as last in your check list as VPN with all premium featurs will affect the cost.

Also, check the VPN network server speeds to ensure your streaming goes well…You might face some speed drop. 😨Don’t panic, it’s very common when you use a VPN connection. Check your internet speed before and after connecting to a server.

War between Free & Premium VPNs

Paid Vs Free VPNs
Free Vs Paid VPNs

The 🤺War Never Ends! Premium and Free service will always compete with each other. Here’s the same, but at the end in regard to the services they offer. 🙄Minds get changed.

Though Free VPNs do offer some services, they will impose restrictions like restricting bandwidth, torrenting, unblocking streaming services. In fact, they do log your personal data and sell it to third parties for profits. While some include ads to earn revenue, which is irritating.

But, 😇premiums VPN will not do any of these things if you spare their subscription charges once. Still, if you want to choose a free VPN, check 7 best Free VPNs in 2021

Best VPNs in 2021

A new VPN service will enter the market ready to serve its customers. But only a few VPNs manage to gain reputation & meet the needs of users. Here are the top 3 best VPNs available at reasonable prices being an all-rounder.

1.ExpressVPN: Supreme VPN

  • 3000+ Serves in 94 countries
  • Unblock any streaming service in the world
  • Great streaming speeds for a better experience.
  • Ample number of torrenting servers
  • class-leading military-grade protocols
  • 5 simultaneous device connections with a reliable kill switch
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Fantastic 24/7 customer support
  • 30 Days full refund policy

ExpressVPN occupies 1st position with its best services to bypass geo-block considering various reasons after the test. ExpressVPN owns 3000+ servers covering the entire globe in 94 countries with the world’s best average streaming speeds of 100Mb/s helps you to enjoy the content in extreme quality i.e 4K.

ExpressVPN will use superior encryption protocols and channel your data through VPN servers keeping all your online activities hidden & achieve complete anonymity while you are surfing. This VPN can make you virtually present in another country.

ExpressVPN works with almost all the Netflix library servers like UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Still, if you are serious about using this VPN even more. You can also torrent inevitably with this VPN also unblock other popular streaming services like (Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and more).

Regardless of the device, ExpressVPN works for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, and other compatible streaming devices. Also, you will get connected to the working server quickly on ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix.

If you ever face any issue, ExpressVPN will get in the right direction with its 24/7 live customer support. They do offer 30 days money-back guarantee program which you can treat as a free trial to get your refund if you don’t like their service.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ Servers over 62+ Countries
  • Reliable Streaming Speeds without interruptions in HD Quality
  • Toughest Military-grade encryption with double VPN for better privacy
  • Torrenting support with additional features of unblocking Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and others
  • Supports 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN will be a great choice among Top VPNs with better performance, speeds. Special thanks to its NordLynx protocol prevent’s any interruptions while streaming in superior quality (4K). NordVPN grooms the server network with its gigantic 5500+ servers means you can present virtually less than a finger snap.

NordVPN is capable of unblocking popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ along with Netflix. Not only UK, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan France, etc NordVPN can unblock any streaming service library.

NordVPN uses 2048 bit encryption which is a diamond nut-shell. No ISP or government or any third-party member can know what you are doing online. To benefits you furthermore NordVPN has dedicated P2P torrent servers.

While streaming Netflix with NordVPN, the kill switch will prevent getting home regional content if you drop your internet connection. Also, for any issues, they are providing 24/7 customer support through chat as well.

If you want to try this VPN consider their 30 days money-back guarantee program. You will get a full refund if you don’t like this VPN service.

3. Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN
  • Massive Server network of 6500+ Servers
  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer
  • Latest VPN protocols to route your traffic as normal user traffic.
  • Good Server Streaming Speed
  • Supports 7 simultaneous device connections.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee program.

Cyberghost VPN is one of the best VPNs for personal use for streaming & torrenting. It will make sure that your identity is un-traceable on the internet with its end-to-end encryption. Its generous server network allows you to unblock all streaming services UK, US, France, Japan, and others libraries.

Cyberghost also offers dedicated servers for P2P torrenting & IP Addresses. So, all your traffic seems to be very usual for your ISP. Well compatible with all streaming platforms with the latest VPN protocols.

Speeds are mouth-full for streaming the content in 4K but you should have a good internet speed. Though this VPN is a bit expensive to buy when you compare the features & prices side by side it’s the best value for money.

Cyberghost VPN provides your 24/7 customer support and if you want to taste their VPN service once, you can start with their 45 days money-back guarantee program.


VPN will wrap a secure connection between you & the internet. Specially designed to change your IP Address making you invisible to everyone. Keeps you safe from external attacks or ISP tracking by tunneling your data to VPN servers. Allowing you to access the geo-restricted content on your device.

Therefore, you should get a VPN today for additional security.

FAQs Related to VPN

Can I get tracked even after using a VPN?

😎Not at all, a VPN will assign you a new IP Address and then completely encrypt your data before transmission. No one even your ISP or government can track you down.

It is Legal to use VPNs?

VPNs are legal in many countries. But some countries restrict users to use VPNs (impose full restrictions). You can use a VPN to bypass government censorship and get your online freedom back. Make sure you download and get your subscription before traveling to these countries.

Should I use a VPN all the time?

Yes, you should keep your VPN on if you are connected to any public Wi-Fi, or if you want to unblock streaming services enjoy your favorite all the time. To ensure 24/7 security better to change your IP all the time.

Can I Torrent using VPN?

You can torrent with a VPN unlimitedly. There will no restriction on your bandwidth. No one including your ISP will know that you are torrenting.

Is it really Secure to use VPN?

A VPN will protect you no matter what from all types of spying or tracking. But, its duty is not to protect you from malware and trojans (some VPNs will protect you to some extend). Rather it will prevent them.

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